Copyrights give owners and creators of expressive arts the exclusive rights to reproduce their work, publicly display or perform their work, and create works derived from that content.  Photographs, music, films and books are perhaps the most well known articles to be copyrighted, but copyright also extends to sculpture, advertising, computer software and even a website layouts.

The moment a work is created in a tangible, fixed form of expression is the moment copyright protection comes into being. The author who created the work immediately becomes the owner of the copyright. Only the author can rightfully claim copyright, along with those deriving their rights through the author. In cases of creative work made for hire, the writer is not considered the author. The employer is the author in that case. These matters are often complex and contentious; securing aggressive counsel who is also knowledgeable is critical in the protection of yourself and your work.

At Hultman Law PLC, we have the experience, dedication and drive to represent individuals, collectives and companies to secure a copyright on your works.

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